Ilford Kentmere 400 135/36 Film

Ilford Kentmere 400 135/36 Film
Vendor: Ilford


35mm, ISO 400, high speed, all purpose, black & white film. Suitable for all general photography applications.

This is a great all rounder, a decent black and white film. This 400 speed is wonderful - the tone and contrast are very pleasing to the eye and creates exceptional pictures. For such a cheep film it is quite impressive. We have no idea why this film is so cheap. There is nothing budget about the results it produces. The grain size structure is very similar to pro 400 films but it is tiny bit less contrasty. This film is a pleasure to scan and post-process. Highly recommend giving this film a try even if it's only once, for the price you can't go wrong.

Saturated colors

  • High speed ISO 400
  • Fine grain and good sharpness
  • Broad tonal range with good contrast
  • 35mm cassettes and bulk lengths