ChromaLuxe Printing Services

ChromaLuxe Printing Services
Printed in Ireland.

Product Description:

ChromaLuxe printing produces some of the most amazing prints directly into 100% recycled aluminium panels that ensures that over the lifetime of your print it will remain as beautiful as the first day it was printed. With the ChromaLuxe hanging system your prints are ready to be hung as soon as you receive them and don’t require any additional mounting.

ChromaLuxe printing is a type of print that needs to be seen to be believed. Printed on a white gloss aluminium panel this give incredible vibrant colours, beautiful, rich blacks and amazing whites making it the ideal options for both colour and monochrome printing. The unparalleled details in ChromaLuxe prints ensures that your photos preserve all the details you captured giving the image an almost 3D, real world appearance when mounted for display.

ChromaLuxe printing infuses the image into, not onto, the aluminium allowing for greater protection against scratches or any other damage to the image that can occur throughout its lifetime. This means it is also easy to clean and maintain with common multi surface cleaning solutions without risk of damaging your print.

  • Image infused into the aluminium - long life, scratch resistant
  • Eco friendly - 100% recycled aluminium
  • Wide variety of sizes available - suitable for any display
  • Extraordinary quality - gives images incredible depth and detail
  • Ready to hang - No additional mounting required
Chromaluxe metal prints


What is ChromaLuxe? 

ChromaLuxe is dye sublimation printing process that infuse the image into the surface of the chosen printing material

What material is ChromaLuxe printed on?  

ChromaLuxe can print on a wide variety of materials. Currently we offer high gloss white aluminium printing here at PrintPoint

Where can ChromaLuxe prints be used? 

ChromaLuxe is an incredibly versatile printing process and can be used for virtually any application from interior decorating, exhibition/gallery printing, fine art printing and even commercial applications

Does it require special care? 

Due to the dye sublimation printing process ChromaLuxe is one of the most durable printing mediums currently available. It offers extreme longevity (up to 65 years on aluminium prints), protection against UV light, rain and heat and cold that would damage other photographic prints. It is also resistant to scratches and abrasions. It can be cleaned with a dry cloth or with any common multi surface cleaner

What can be printed using ChromaLuxe? 

Any digital file can be printed using ChromaLuxe. Digital photos, digital illustrations and art work, digital design files for signage/advertising, traditional film images that have been digitally scanned, traditional art works (painting, sketches, collages, etc) that have been photographed or otherwise digitised.

Is it environmentally friendly? 

ChromaLuxe commits to having as little of an environmental impact as possible throughout the process from production in their factory to you receiving the final print. It is printed on 100% recycled aluminium. Materials are chosen to be recyclable and from sustainable sources and the manufacturing process produces no chemical emissions.

Where can I view examples of ChromaLuxe prints? 

We have a variety of aluminium ChromaLuxe prints here in our show room in Limerick. We are located at Unit 1, Stonebridge Business Park, Ballysimon Road, Limerick, Ireland.

How do I display my ChromaLuxe print? 

ChromaLuxe includes its own specially designed system for hanging so there is no need for additional mounting in order to hang/display your print.