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Who remembers the fun and spontaneity of jumping into a photo booth with our friends or that special someone and taking those funny, quirky and sometimes embarrassing photos to have a permanent record of the laughs and good times you shared? Get a little of that nostalgia and fun back with your very own Photo Booth Magnet Strip. These are the perfect way to add a little bit of retro charm to your fridge and have a reminder of all the fun and adventures you’ve shared with people.

Our photo booth style magnetic strips let you add 4 photos to create your own personalised memento to decorate any metal surface in your home, office or anywhere else you can think of. Theme your four photos around a special time, place or person - holidays, day trips, a special someone, friends, family, kids, pets - anything you can think of. Let your imagination and creativity run wild and create a mini-collection of your favourite moments.

A picture is worth a thousand words - 4 are countless

These aren’t just a great way for you to decorate your surroundings with reminders of fun times. Use them to share some love as well. Send out beautiful birth announcements. Make a collage of your favourite moments with a friend for their birthday. Create stunning and unique wedding invites/save the date reminders by adding a custom design/text in place of a photo. They even make really cool bookmarks!

  • Choose 4 photos per strip
  • Photo size 5x4.5cm
  • Strip size 19.5x5.5cm
  • High quality, flexible and durable magnetic material
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