Car Legal & Show Irish Number Plates

Product Description

All our legal number plates NCT compliant.

The format, dimensions and technical specifications of registration plates to be displayed on motor vehicles are laid down by law in the Vehicle Registration and Taxation Regulations 1992 (Statutory Instrument (S.I.) 318/1992 as amended, and Statutory Instrument (S.I.) 542/2012).

The main requirements are:

  • the assigned registration number comprising numbers and letter/s in black on a white reflective background;
  • the name of the county of registration in Irish at the top of the plate;
  • the flag of the European Communities and the letters "IRL" on the left-hand side of the plate, the flag comprising twelve gold stars in a circle, the letters in white beneath it, all on a blue reflective background.

Please read here Format requirements of Vehicle Registration Plates

All our number plates are printed on high-quality water proof and fade resistant aluminium.

The Main Benefits For Our Clients Ordering Car Number Plates on

  • Legal Size 520 x 110 mm or 280 x 203 mm
  • You can order car number plates for your vehicle to be absolutely legal in Dublin, Cork, or any other Irish city
  • If you want your plate to stand out, we offer vintage, custom, and personalised car number plates for sale
  • At our website, you can order car number plates in german and other fonts
  • Our plates are durable — we print them only on high-quality aluminium
  • We deliver fast — you will only have to wait for up to 48 hours
  • We offer the best price, and you will get a discount if you order two plates for your vehicle at once
  • There is nothing complicated in creating a number plate — our website offers a video tutorial for you to use
  • Orders in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the UK are shipped with a tracking number
  • Your number plate will serve you for a very long time — it is fade resistant and waterproof.