Film Developing Starter Kit

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This film developing starter kit is the perfect way to start processing your own black and white film at home. It contains all the basics to get started in one convenient kit. As well as the necessary equipment it also contains the Adox chemicals you will need to develop up to 7 of your own black and white films.

Kit contents:

  • Paterson two film tank with two spirals
  • Thermometer
  • Adox 25 ml measuring cylinder
  • Adox 1000 ml measuring cup
  • 100 ml of ADONAL film developer
  • 100 ml of ADOFIX Fixer
  • 50 ml of ADOFLO wetting agent
  • An exposed film in order to practise the film spooling process
  • A comprehensive manual with many images explaining the film developing process

Please note you will also require:

  • a completely dark room/changing bag to load the film
  • a timer
  • a pair of scissors
  • clips/pegs to hang your film while drying