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During COVID-19 panademic, processing times for all film orders are 5-10 days.


We have more than 10 years of experience in film developing

How to order

Step 1: Select film type for developing

Step 2: Select developing service

Step 3: Input quantity of films

Step 4: Add to cart

Step 5: If you have different film types repeat steps 1-4

Step 6: Package your films in sturdy or padded envelope and write your order number on the envelope and post them to:
40 Riverdale
Co. Clare

Write your contact detail clearly: please enclose a note with your Order number, Name, phone number and email address.

Step 7: Once your film developed we will then dispatch your order, including the negatives via Fastway Courier with tracking number.

If you have questions read FAQ here or contact us

Below are film developing services we currently offer:

Buy traditional film online

Traditional camera films 35&120mm
Colour and Black&White

35mm film developing

35mm film developing
35mm film developing and printing
35mm film developing by post

From 3.00€ per film

More info

Disposable camera developing

Disposable camera developing
Disposable camera developing by post
Disposable camera developing and printing

From 3.00€

More info

120mm film developing

120mm film developing
120mm film developing by post
Film developing on to CD
Download HighRes sample
From 3.00€ per film
More info

Black & White film developing

Black & White film developing
Black&White film developing onto CD
120mm & 35mm film development (ILFORD,
Kodak, Fuji, Fomapan)
From 7€ per film
More info

126mm, 110mm film developing

126mm, 110mm film developing

Old film developing and negatives printing

For more information on our film services please contact us

It is our mission to preserve forgotten treasures. At Printpoint we want to keep film processing alive, for both the people still shooting film and those family memory treasure hunters who find a roll of film that’s been hidden away for years and would like to develop it to find out forgotten memories.

Although there are a lot of people who like to develop their own film after it’s been shot there’s still an awful lot of people who still need somewhere to get film processed. But the biggest problem is where to go film developed? So, if you are reading this you found the place and look no further.

Photos are meant to be shot, capture those moments so they can be enjoyed and shared and relived for years to come. And it does not matter they are shoot film or digital.

Let’s keep film alive, together.