How to order

Step 1: Select film type for developing

Step 2: Select developing service

Step 3: Input quantity of films

Step 4: Add to cart

Step 5: If you have different film types repeat steps 1-4

Step 6: Package your films and write your order number on the envelope and post them to:
40 Riverdale
Co. Clare

Write your contact detail clearly: please enclose a note with your Order number, Name, phone number and email address.

Step 7: Once your film developed we will then dispatch your order, including the negatives via Fastway Courier with tracking number.

If you have questions read FAQ here or contact us

Disposable Camera Developing
Disposable Camera Developing

Printpoint specializes in developing disposable cameras. We process and print (C-41) and (C-4)1Black & White film of disposable cameras (one use cameras) Since they contain 35mm film we offer numerous 35mm film developing services for you to choose from.

Our high quality film processing service proved to be the best value photographic service in Ireland

We develop your films of disposable camera using Agfa processing equipment. With great throughput film we can ensure that chemicals are kept fresh and guaranty professional results.